In February 2012, Theatre Delicatessen took up residency at 35 Marylebone High Street – the ex-BBC London Radio studios and training centre.

The creation of ‘Marylebone Gardens’ – as the 6 storey building was soon rechristened – was made possible thanks to Theatre Delicatessen’s collaboration with Welbeck Land and Scottish Widows Investment Partnership.

Marylebone Gardens offered Theatre Delicatessen an unparalleled opportunity to support artists and creatives working in a wide range of media.

  • As the ex-BBC London Radio building, a number of soundproofed studios remained intact, meaning that Theatre Delicatessen was able to provide space for budding music composers and film makers
  • The open-plan second floor was sectioned into small ‘artist bays’, creating a community of people working across different artistic media
  • The basement performance space was used to stage a Falklands inspired Henry V, created in collaboration with many of the artists working in the building
  • The scale of the building has enabled a number of theatre companies to stage their first work here, including HalfCut’s Shelf Life

This residency will come to an end in January 2013, when the building is redeveloped.