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Prior to the opening of Pedal Pusher in July 2009, Jack Thurston of The Bike Show on Resonance FM interviewed me and cycling journalist Lionel Birnie about the use of drugs in professional cycling.

I really enjoyed the interview, and a lot of what Lionel said actually helped us find the ending to the play, which was still being devised at the time. Most interesting, however, were the conversations we had off-mic – which given the litigious nature of some professional cyclists I dare not repeat in the public domain

The original podcast can be found here on the The Bike Show website

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Tour de Farce?

A long, hard look at doping in professional cycling, with journalist Lionel Birnie of Cycling Weekly and theatre director Roland Smith, whose play Pedal Pusher, opened in London on 7th July 2009.

Click here for the Bike Show Tour de Farce Podcast