Channel 4 News

In August 2010, Channel 4 news ran a report the opening of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe that focused on the number of verbatim pieces that were being staged that year which included Pedal Pusher.

What I was particularly pleased with in this interview was that Andrew Thomas included what I was saying about verbatim theatre drawing inspiration from the physicality of real events. With Pedal Pusher we were not only presenting the words of the characters but the way in which they manipulate their bodies as part of the race.

The piece included a contribution from Thom Dibdin who wrote a preview article on Pedal Pusher which you can read here

You can find the full story on the Channel 4 website, and there is a link to the video itself here.

This was filmed on the day of our tech rehearsal and you can probably tell that I was suffering a little from several weeks of little sleep, high stress and the general low-level panic that is associated with opening a show in Edinburgh.

Note the cast over my right shoulder doing their very best to pull focus, whilst improvising (terribly) amusing off-stage chatter.

The news was broadcast immediately after our show, so it was a quick run round the corner to the nearest pub, where we persuaded the barman to switch the television over to Channel 4.

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