1 July ā€“ 2 August 2008 | 295 Regent Street, London

Written by David Hare
Directed by Roland Smith
Designed by Chris Gylee

Fanshen staged at Theatre Delicatessen, 295 Regent Street
Fanshen staged at Theatre Delicatessen, 295 Regent Street

Every revolution creates new words. In the village of Long Bow, that word is Fanshen. As the shells of the retreating army fall in the distant hills, Long Bow finds itself at heart of China Year Zero.

Now the patient daily work of remaking people must begin.

Against the backdrop of the Olympics, the struggle for Tibetan independence and the rise of the world’s second superpower, Theatre Delicatessen invite the audience to enter into the fragmented society of pre-revolutionary China.

Fanshen is a forgotten classic from David Hare, the pre-eminent British Playwright of our generation. First performed in 1976, the play examines what it means and takes to create a just system where freedom is at the fore.

With wit and insight, David Hare clinically depicts the labour, struggle and fight of a society on the cusp of revolution. As the ideals of equality and freedom collapse under the weight of corruption and vengeance, Fanshen reveals the dark heart that lies beneath the utopian dream.