Theatre Delicatessen exists to support emerging artists, creatives and cultural entrepreneurs in their work and the development of their practice, so they can sustain long-term artistic careers that make a meaningful contribution to communities around the UK.

Our specific focus on experiential, interactive and participatory theatre. It provides artistic, producing, and production training, support and delivery, as well as personal and company development opportunities.

Since 2008, Theatre Delicatessen has collaborated with property developers to transform empty commercial properties into fully occupied, “pop-up” creative hubs.

We take an entrepreneurial approach to our business, providing studios, workshops and performance spaces alongside charitable activity. As a result we’ve doubled our income year-on-year and reaching a turnover of £1m in 2015.

By providing work space and resources to theatremakers at different stages in their career, we are able to provide a safe, malleable and inspiring environment where artists can experiment and grow.

To achieve this, it is necessary to understand the requirements of artists as they reach differing stages in their career.

Our main objective, however, is to provide artists and theatremakers with the skills and resources to make their practice sustainable.

By this we mean that the artist or theatremaker:

  • Has a clear artistic voice and practice
  • Is offered opportunities to stage / share and develop their work
  • Receives income and can rely on their artistic output to provide a significant proportion, if not the entirety, of their living wage
  • Has a clear direction of how their work and career will evolve side by side

Theatre Delicatessen has developed a number of programmes, supported by a framework of residencies to equip artists at the start of their career with the skills and experience needed to make and take hold of future opportunities.

We are now looking to build on this success by forging new partnerships to secure and establish a new home for Theatre Delicatessen.

This base will help us to to grow our resident community of cultural entrepreneurs, and to attract and develop new and undiscovered talent from the local community.

Our new space will provide:

  • a dynamic incubator of studios, offices, workshop space and shared resources
  • an evolving community of creatives at different stages of their career
  • a shared space and creative learning hub where local people can come to develop skills and launch careers